Panchakarma – the five treatments

For thousands of years, the tried and tested Panchakarma therapy has worked detoxifying the body. The idea behind Panchakarma is to rejuvenate the body by removing waste products and harmful substances and to correct the imbalances through the body’s own organs and channels of elimination. This treatment is not only used to fight illness but used in preventive health care and is a wonderful way to slow down the ageing process.

The therapeutical process of detoxification consists of five steps.

The start of the therapy begins with the purging of toxic materials and the body’s own metabolic toxins. This is almost always done with fat-soluble substances. To this end, we use a wonderful choice of soothing oil treatments so that the toxins, that only attach themselves to fat and are normally are very difficult to remove, can be released. After this, the basic metabolism of the body is heightened by metabolic activation and during this part of treatment, you as our guest will enjoy herbal steam baths, hot packs and compression and a massage with warmed health driving substances. Full body oil massage is also part of this therapy. These actions will flush the released toxins in the bloodstream towards the intestines. Nasyam is another treatment whereby aromatic oil is inhaled and a drop of oil is breathed in in each nostril.

The released toxins that have burdened your body are now in the intestines where they will be systematically ejected from the body. With this method, we can be sure that the cleansing and detoxification of the body are complete and toxin cannot return to the body cells.

 The Panchakarma treatment, after a diagnosis, is individually prepared for your personal constitution and state of health.

A main point of the Panchakarma treatment is in dietary instruction.

Food in Ayurveda is chosen for its physical values and taste. Food influences the body through the three biological basic systems that Doshas influences and herbs are our “medicine.“

Whether its Panchakarma, an Ayurveda remedy or a healthy diet these are all ways to excite the body’s intelligence. This body intelligence is the intelligence of Nature. They steer our inner balance, regulate the Doshas dynamics and promote the doctor in us all.

For your treatment, we use original herbs and oils from India so that you know you are receiving an authentic Panchakarma treatment and here in Germany! After a Panchakarma treatment the body needs peace and quiet so long flights, time difference and changes in weather work counterproductive … just another reason to take your Panchakarma treatment here in Germany.

Let us never forget that “the best doctor is the doctor within us”.