1.Abhyanga intensive, whole-body oil massage with two therapists165,-Euro
2. Abhyanga classic massage, (not feet and head) with two therapists155,-Euro
3.Abhyanga whole body massage, with one therapist130,-Euro
4.Shiroabhyanga, Ayurveda head and shoulder massage88,-Euro
5.Padaabhyanga, Ayurveda foot massage88,-Euro
6.Hastaabhyanga, Ayurveda hand massage88,-Euro
7.Shirodhara, forehead oil massage150,-Euro
8.Thakradhara, herbal buttermilk forehead treatment165,-Euro
9.Shirolepam, herbal head pack150,-Euro
10.Shirovasti, head treatment with special oils230,-Euro
11.Pichu, head treatment with oil130,-Euro
12.Mukkalepam, Ayurveda face treatment95,-Euro
13.Pizichil, whole body oil treatment with two therapists330,-Euro
14.Pizichil, whole body oil treatment with one therapist275,-Euro
15.Lokalpizichil, oil treatment175,-Euro
16.Udvartanam, herbal oil massage with two therapists175,-Euro
17.Udvartanam, herbal oil massage with one therapist125,-Euro
18.Pindaswedam, warm herbal treatment175,-Euro
19.Navarakizhi, special rice pack massage225,-Euro
22.Urovasti, breast treatment152,-Euro
23.Kadivasti, special back treatment150,-Euro
24.Back-lepam. back pack with massage115,-Euro
28.Akshi Tharpanam, eye treatment105,-Euro
29.Nasyam, cleansing treatment105,-Euro
30.Karnapooranam, cleansing treatment ears65,-Euro
31.Virachanam, cleansing treatment18,-Euro
32.Vasti, cleansing treatment110,-Euro
33.Kashayavasti, cleansing treatment140,-Euro
34.Mamsavasti, cleansing treatment165,-Euro
35.Swedanam, herbal steam bath40,-Euro
Consultation and final consultation (only after multi-day programs)150,-Euro
1 night stay in a single room with WC bath or shower including Ayurveda full board, plus tourist tax98,-Euro
1 night stay in a double room with WC bath or shower including Ayurveda full board (per person €88), plus tourist tax176,-Euro

Prices valid from 01.01.2018