1 x Consultation where your individual programme will be set out
3 x Shirodhara ( warm herbal oil forehead therapeutic treatment)
4 x Abhyanga (synchronised intensive whole body oil massage with two massage therapists)
1 x Padaabhyanga (Ayurveda foot massage)
8 x Swedanam (herbal steam bath)
2 x Pindaswedam (warm herbal treatment)
1 x Pichu (Ayurveda oil heat treatment)
3 x Shirolepam (herbal head pack)
2 x Thakradhara (buttermilk – herbal forehead therapeutic treatment)
1 x Nasyam (Nasal therapy)
1 x Kashaya Vasti (cleansing)
1 x Pizichil (whole body oil treatment with one therapist)
2 x Vasti (cleansing)
1 x Karnapooranam (ear treatment)
1 x Virachanam (cleansing)
1 x Final consultation where you will also receive a dietary plan for home

21 night stay in a single room with Ayurveda full board
5.809,- Euros plus tourist tax

21 night stay in a double room with Ayurveda full board
5.599,– Euros per person plus tourist tax

Prices valid from 01.01.2018